Our Story

Zainab Travel and Tours located in the city of Petra. We are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Petra Development and Tourism Authority and the Jordan Tourism Board. Zainab travel and tours is owned and managed by two Jordanian Bedouin women from Petra.

Our Mission

Providing a warm and engaging experience of Jordan, Petra. In addition to make every guest feel like they are a part of Jordan and its people. In Zainab travel and tours we offer a range of trips that align with environmental preservation and sustainability. We also focus on empowering women by providing employment opportunities. In addition, we prioritize the use of locally made and handcrafted products, including food and other items, to preserve natural resources. Zainab travel and tours aims to sell touristic programs in a way that introduces visitors to the Jordanian communities, culture, and identity. We offer simple tourist programs that everyone can experience.


zainab tours is a member of Travellife,Petra Region – Ministry of Tourism – Tourism Promotion Authority.


We hold a commercial registration number (200192076) from the Companies Control Department Licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Public Antiquities and the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority Members of the Jordanian Travel and Tourism Association Members of the Jordanian Tourism Promotion Authority.

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